Best Strategies to Introduce A New Pet Dog Into The Family


Bringing a new pet sounds pretty exciting and fun for the one who has bought the pet, especially a dog, which is considered a best friend to a person since they are loyal and full of fun to play with it. Since the cards can turn sometimes and it may not produce the expected results, introducing a new dog may prove to be adversity for one, yet every challenge is an opportunity to grow. The challenging opportunity may also include other pets in your family as they are only comfortable around you and your family in major cases, while bringing another family pet may be challenging, but only for a time. The first and foremost step towards such an opportunity for a long-term doggy friendship is to have a strategic plan and an approach full of calmness.

Keeping Households calm 

Keeping things normal and passive at home may result in a better outcome for the dog as it would feel comfortable with time. The household being calm in a sense means not throwing surprise parties for the dog's arrival which can feel the dog getting uncomfortable since they are living beings too, just like us. 

Making calm introductions and interactions 

Introducing the new dog pet to your family in a normal way, in a casual way, where everything feels normal and serene, results in the dog's trust level and confidence higher. It allows the dog pet to get more comfortable around the people to whom it is being introduced, and such daily calm interactions can boost the dog's comfortableness to a great extent. Such an approach can be applied to the other pets that are already in the family. 

Allowing the dog to interact with other pets 

If it is assured that the new dog pet is doing well along with the other pets in the family, it would sound appropriate to let the pets interact with each other in your absence by getting more well time with each other to be comfortable and well. With such an approach, it can allow the pets to play with each other and interact more in a comfortable sense, boosting their trustworthiness among each other. 

Going on walks together 

Since the new dog pet has been introduced to the family and it has been got into starting introduction to the family members and other pets in the family, it is a better strategy to make the dog pet feel like a part of the family such as going on walks outside, where the dog is closed to the family on each step would be able to feel to express their feelings and emotions due to being in touch with the family at every step or every activity. 


It may seem a long route to achieve such a comfort stage between the new dog pet and the family members. But if it wouldn't hard, it won't be fun after achieving it. Having patience with the new pet at each step can lead to a great amount of friendship in the longer run. Acknowledging positivity between the new dog pet and other pets in your family is a great approach to enjoying lifelong friendship blooming.


Introducing a new pet dog may be challenging at some phases, but the results can bore its sweet fruits. The challenges may include getting comfortable with the household of the owner or adapting to the living space, but challenges are the opportunities that can grow us, provided one has a solution-oriented outlook towards life. The above recommendations can play a vital role in making the pet dog comfortable in a new place. 

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